Nothing compares to the time we spend with our loved ones. Especially for those of you who are grandparents, it’s truly a magical time we spend with our grand babies, our heart bursting with love, a patience that compares to none and an over whelming feeling of pure love and joy when they are in our arms! I must say I’m blessed to have my daughters and grands close by, and see them regularly. Seeing them and picking them up for activities makes my life fuller & happier. There is nothing quite like viewing the world through the eyes of a child and giving them your undivided attention!!

Being able to interact, play, cook, go to the park, visit their school, babysit if you will, maybe they babysit me…haha and just be together whether for thirty minutes or several hours brings so much joy to my life.

If your a grandparent what’s your favorite activity? How do you spend time with your littles? Taking a walk? Reading books?

As a young momma and now Nonni I can’t imagine anything in this world that could bring more joy to my world than these three amazing grandchildren, and my gals!

Ps…my arms and lap will be just a bit fuller this May when I welcome grand baby number four! I am ready and waiting to meet this little guy & love him to pieces and so are his cousins.❤️

Our Past

When we think of our past, we are transported to a hodgepodge of memories and experiences some good, some bad. The events that happen to you help shape the way you feel and interpret the world.

We are influenced heavily as we look back to childhood forward by the people and environment around us. Your morals, values, your outlook on life, your happiness, & how you view success or failures. How you communicate & love.

If you were subjected to a volatile, sad, unstable childhood you may hold onto insecurities and difficulty trusting and feeling secure. The same is said for a person from a loving supportive thriving childhood, the world may seem scary and cold. Both difficult in their own way to overcome.

The hardest thing you can do is change these patterns and ideas that shaped you into who you are today!

Thinking back to my childhood, being raised by an extremely strict Mom with strong values ingrained in me the motivation and desire for success, but also am incredible pressure to be the best. Straight A’s etc. I found sometimes very hard to live up to. Although my mom difficult at times, her love for me unwavering, so losing her at age twenty five so painful as I missed many formative young adult years with her. Yes I hold onto this loss, but live as I remember her.

I am thankful we lived a busy life, I was exposed to culture, travel & family friends that appreciated wonderful food & music in warm loving environments. You could say I was raised by a Village! I have early memories of my Aunt playing Jazz cleaning her house (I still find joy in doing the same) & visiting Palm Springs with dear friends spending time in their pottery shop~yoga~hiking. Visiting my Aunt in Illinois and baking cookies all Holiday traditions set by generations before me that I take pride in carrying on! A feeling in my soul & these memories ingrained as a part of me, who I am as a person.

Your past has played a significant role in where you are in life at this very point and time. The key is to not let those past experiences completely define who you are as a person but enhance it! You can change your perception of any negative behaviors instead of letting them define who you are and how you see the world.

Be aware of what’s holding you back from your full potential, whether, regret, anger, low self-esteem, or just an overwhelming fear of failure. So many times we find ourselves stuck here. Don’t be stuck~overcome and move forward!

Your past does not define you. Release the past, stand firmly in the present, and prepare to step confidently into the future!


After finishing lunch today with my dear friend of many years and her daughter, I am reminded of just how important friendships are in life. I value and cherish the friendship I have made whether very old or new. Some friendships began in childhood, some through nursing, cancer diagnosis, kids or just life adventures, all a blessing. I want you all to know you add to my life in so many ways, friendships are the LOVE and JOY in the recipe of LIFE!

We all have a need for deep true friendships, bonding and acceptance. A place to be ourselves, to take off the mask (or game face) if you will and be raw and genuine. Loved and supported in happy times & held together in difficult sad times.

We as humans have many different love languages, and the reality is we cannot grow and invest in our friendships without investing our time. Investing your time whether lunch, dinner a phone call or text tells your friend you value them and they are important to you. You care how they are doing. You care about what’s happening in their lives. True friends love, listen, forgive, have fun, do not judge, they are available, honest flexible & positive! In order to have healthy vibrant friendships you much make a commitment to consistently invest your time.

As I left lunch today I thought to myself, I am beyond blessed by the many friendship I nourish & celebrate daily.

Friendships are one of the most important elements of your life. Besides supporting each other, friends make life richer, fuller and more rewarding.

“To have a friend, and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.” ~Unknown


Today I was thinking about goals and dreams. How we think and speak of our goals and dreams, is in fact half of the reality in assuring success. If we speak of our dreams and goals as facts, it allows us to believe in them!

I think back to nursing school for myself, and I knew in my heart from an early age I wanted to be a nurse. When I set out in pursuit of this goal I had two girls very busy with cheer, diving school etc. I knew it would not be easy, but I did not let my ego or self talk allow fear of failure in seeing my goal and dream come true. I thought of myself as a nurse. I told myself instead of sixteen weeks of school I only had sixteen classes left. Friends would say “I don’t know how you do it” and I would say because “I’m determined passionate and committed to becoming a nurse.”

Every goal and dream begins in your heart and mind. You must see it, talk about it, plan it and believe in it!

You must believe in yourself and turn off all self doubt, excuses and fear as to why your dreams and goals won’t work. Start telling yourself why they WILL, and see what happens. It’s easy sometimes to feel overwhelmed or scared, but just at that moment take a leap of faith…if it doesn’t scare you then it’s not challenging you!

Your mind is very powerful and can deliver everything you want through the power of positive expectation! What you tell yourself about your goals and dreams is absolutely key to achieving their reality!

So take a leap of faith, pursue your goals and dreams and tell yourself this is going to happen for me. Can you see yourself in a new career, moving, writing a book, owning a bakery, whatever it is. YOU can do it! I promise you!!


Our environment has a huge impact on our state of mind and well being.

We as humans since the earliest times have needed to be sensitive to our environments to survive. We have within us an innate awareness of our environment & seek out environments with certain qualities.

We seek environments that feel safe, secure & inviting. Warm and welcoming.

Environments with warm temperature bright light and comfy furniture are inviting and encourage conversation and a feeling of being welcome. Think of a time you walked into a space or the home of a friend, there may be a scent that transports you to your childhood that evokes a feeling of love and happiness. Immediately your endorphins are sending signals of joy.

Same goes for arriving at a destination, maybe the beach and you take in the views, smell the salt air and your immediately transported to a mood of peace.

The opposite can be said for environments of chaos and clutter, dark and dreary, which can lead to depression, anxiety, illness and an overwhelming since of loss of control.

As a nurse from the earliest days of Florence Nightingale she believed that letting the light in and having a clean organized environment invited healing!

So how is your environment? Do you arrive home to a place of peace and joy…do you look out the window and enjoy your space small or large? Do you have a place to read, your favorite cup? Maybe a favorite blanket on your bed.

Today I challenge as you look around your environment evaluate what you can do to let a little more light in, to be organized, to enjoy your space, invite others to share your space! Is your space a calm space? Make sure your space isn’t noisy & confusing but warm, bright, safe & secure along with inviting for your own wellness & sense of peace. 💛


Your energy affects those around you, family friends colleagues even your animals. What vibe do you give off. What is your influence on the world. It is easy to forget that everyone is influencing someone. Whether it is your children, a co-worker or your significant other, we are ALL Influencers. Are you positive with your words, do you lift people up, do you leave others feeling uplifted & loved or negative and drained.

In a world full of turmoil, negativity and discord you may find it is easy to become opinionated, negative and contrary. Today I challenge you to find the beauty around you, start with your favorite mug full of coffee or tea, feel joy for the day, smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, say something kind to yourself first and foremost then to someone else. Make your vibe powerful and full of passion and positivity!

Be aware of your energy, it often times speakers louder than words.