Live your best Life

The cliche “living your best life” has become so present in our lives, but the big question is “Are you living your best life?”
With this question comes, living up to your full potential, living an authentic life you would chose? Doing what sets your soul on fire, are your surrounding yourself with those that share your passions, is your space a happy loving peaceful space?
I hope you can say, “yes” or at least your working towards it.
If your not I hope you find the courage to take the necessary actions to change it. We all have the power to live a life we would chose, “our best life” fear of failure sometimes holds us back or fear of changing the status quo, fear of leaving our comfort zone if you will.
So-let go of people pleasing. Trust your heart & instincts. Say exactly what you mean. Don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to say yes! Visualize exactly what you want for your life as if it’s already happened. Act out of love for yourself & others & have the courage to “Live your best L I F E! ☀️🌴🌺

Start today…

I challenge you today to listen inward, as we are isolated and still it’s the best time to pause and listen to that inner voice that speaks so loudly if we quiet ourselves & listen. That little voice encourages us to follow our heart and authentic self towards living a life full of peace and joy! The more you listen and follow your heart the closer to peace you will be! What are your goals & desires that speak to you while your stuck inside?

Have you always had a desire to start a new hobby, to run a marathon, learn to prepare a gourmet meal, teach yoga? That’s the inner voice of desire encouraging you, pushing you to follow your dream!

Whatever your desire take the steps towards your goal today. Start today!! Maybe start by writing down what your goal looks like for you, what will you need to buy, do you have the space needed?

For me as a child I spent time with family friends in my hometown and Palm Springs sitting behind a pottery wheel creating very novice pieces, but loving it! I watched as Doug created beautiful pieces, using his hands and vision from within he spun plates, vases, dishes & so much more. It was amazing to me, a glob of clay molded and shaped then fired into beautiful pieces! You see he had cystic fibrosis, but didn’t let his health hinder his dreams!

So today I will not wait anymore, as we know tomorrow is never promised, and one day there won’t be anymore time to do what you’ve always wanted. So I will do it now!

My desire and goal is to purchase a wheel and begin creating! Nurturing my creativity and following my dream of becoming a potter will bring so much joy, and will allow me to share this hobby with my children and grandchildren. Creativity is not necessarily taught it comes from within! You just need to start & listen!

One year from now you will wish you started today!


Today as I enjoy my coffee and listen to the rain, I contemplate the big word CHOICE!

Our lives are made up of infinite amount of choices, some small with little or no impact on our lives, while others so huge they can change our lives forever! The best part is each choice is individual, I’m reminded of this daily as we are I the throws of political debates. Choices whether right for you or me. To each is own!

Every choice we make has a consequence, whether good or bad, it has a consequence. We must be cognizant that many of our choices not only affect us but those we love around us! We cannot be careless and cavalier with ourselves or others, we are given one life, we must navigate through with well thought out choices, for the optimum outcome.

All choices we make come with two options, pros & cons! As you consider options with the more difficult choices you make one of the most fundamental considerations, is the choice your making congruent with important goals you have, do your choices honor your innate self, who YOU are and where your going with your life?

Understanding the dynamics of choices can help improve the decisions you make.

Currently we are in a period of heightened awareness over the spread of covid-19, much upset, fear and anxiety. Choosing to be informed and share information, gather information all while protecting yourself against risks are all great choices.

I read an article recently reminding me that, Life doesn’t just happen, it’s the pivotal choices we make daily or do not make that shape our lives!

Dr. Bobbie Stevens, in an article titled The Importance of Choices on the website, says this about how our choices impact our lives:

“It is so important to understand that we are all making choices all the time, even when we chose not to choose we have still made a choice. It is our choices that determine our experiences.  The choices we are making today will show up in our experiences in the future.

Unless we are willing to take full responsibility for ourselves and the choices we make, we have no control over our lives.  We have been given all the power to create our experiences through our choices, but if we believe that outside forces are responsible for our choices we give away all the power we have.

Sometimes making the right choice or even knowing how to choose is very difficult, but it is vitally important to understand that you are in charge of your own life if you chose to think for yourself. If you chose not to take charge, you will experience the consequences of that choice, and simply be blown about by life like a leaf in the wind.”

So today, I choose to stay in, get cozy, catch up on reading, listen to Sunday service online, enjoy this amazing double chocolate cupcake with my coffee, as the rain comes down! Honoring stillness & peace, and maybe a craving for chocolate!!

What choice will you make today that honors your wishes & well being?

Slow down

Good morning. As I sit barely awake after a long night on call at the hospital, I have my coffee in hand my thoughts jump, “what will I do with my day?”

How many of you start your day like this?

Well, after enjoying my coffee for a bit I’ve decided change of plans. Time to slow down…I’m going to try a new recipe, enjoy my family, walk outside, feel the warm air, & live my day as though it is a day of firsts, full of excitement and wonder!

The old adage time flys when your having fun holds true to filling every moment getting things done! Time fly’s in moments of busyness! We tend to be slaves to the clock!

What time is it? Can I fit one more errand in before getting to the Dr. or maybe picking up the kiddos! Rush, rush, rush, go, go, go! And lo and behold the day is over and we feel exhausted, we flop into bed and continue on this hamster wheel of running, minutes in hours, hours into days, days into months & months into years. And then the question, “where did time go?”

We must train our minds to slow down if we are going to enjoy life! If you leave no space or time, you cannot receive more or enjoy more. If your mind is so overrun there is no room for inspiration or joy. If your schedule is full there is no room for surprise.

This is the moment you know you have to consciously slow down, slow down and make room to be awake in moments, spend time doing what serves you, what sets your heart on fire!

For me one of my favorite ways to relax & be in the moment happens in the kitchen!

For you maybe something different, but I suggest today maybe, prepare your favorite dish, smell the herbs as you chop, pay attention to every detail as you prepare your meal, play some jazz, or whatever makes you smile set your table, use your china, your favorite stem-wear and slow down!

It may be Wednesday but treat it as though it were a Holiday occasion, and notice that all of a sudden your ordinary Wednesday is alive, your in the here & now, your day is full of minutes & you are not counting, your savoring and enjoying your TIME!


Positivity is looking at life in an optimistic way. It’s a happy worry-free state of mind, which chooses to look at the bright side of life.

The emotions associated with positivity are joy, happiness and inspiration! Verses negativity which is fear, anger & insecurity.

Now that being said, life can hand us some very negative stressful and unhappy moments, but during those times or situations when we live in a state of positivity and joy we can take these negative experiences and get through, without losing our spirit & giving up!

In a world full of negative news, media and television, it is important to resist allowing negative information to consume our mind and subconscious! Remember much of what we see in the world is a reflection of how we feel inside. How we have trained ourselves to look at and handle our environment, emotions & life. It is important to fill your mind and life with the power of positivity.

Today for me speaking to a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient allowed me to encourage her and support her on her journey. I gave her hope & inspired her that she can endure her new journey, allow not planned and difficult, she will get through it. I empowered her to have a voice in her treatment plan, and listened to her concerns. This intern filled my heart with joy knowing maybe I’ve made a difference for someone during a difficult time. I’ve allowed positivity to shine through my actions.

By having a positive optimistic soul & spirit full of positivity it allows me to give as well as receive more positivity in my life!

Positivity will improve your happiness & health! I promise you. It will ignite a spark in your soul that says, everything will work out fine, it will teach you to see the good in the world & people.

Start today, I challenge you~

read a journal, make sure your environment is clutter free, make sure daily tasks are not overwhelming, notice one positive thing each day..(the blossoms on the trees), be sure you are surrounding yourself with others who look to positivity in all that they do, those that say “I can” “I will”

You will begin to notice a new overwhelming sense of joy when you practice behaviors of positive thinking, tasks and life stress will not be so overwhelming. Remember negativing is a very shallow way of thinking & can be an avalanche to quick failure in all you do, jobs relationships etc.

“Thoughts have energy, be sure yours are POSITIVE!”


What is perspective? It is the way we look at something, your point of view, and even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like something you can control it 100% is!

Have you ever been standing on the ground and look up to the sky seeing a plane flying? It looks so small, yet on the ground seeing the same plane, it’s a huge jumbo jet. Think about walking around a big city, as you look up the buildings seem to go on forever towering towards the sky, you are reminded how small you are amongst in a big city. The opposite is true as you peer out the window of a high rise, the city below looks so small, the people walking, the cars look like toys, maybe your near water and a boat appears so small in a large body of water.

It’s amazing how being on a high floor looking down can change your entire perspective of the city. The interesting thing when we think about this is that the city is the same, the people, cars, birds, buildings, the only thing that changed was our perspective. Our view of the city.

Perspective plays a huge role in our our lives go. What we focus on we attract, think about a time or situation that was stressful or overwhelming. The more you focused on the negativity the worse the situation became.

When you change your perspective and begin to think more positively it is easier to think of a solution and not get overwhelmed.

We have all been around someone who becomes immediately overwhelmed with change of plans or maybe a difficult task.

Ps This is something I continually work on personally.

But what happens when your around someone negative, you immediately feel anxious, your listening to all the reasons everything is wrong or won’t work out and all of a sudden everything spirals downhill.

Have you ever known someone who expects the worst, always throws in a negative twist? How often does the worst happen? On the flip side what about the person who always thinks things will work out perfectly, and for some strange reason it usually does!

Changing our daily perspective does not happen overnight! Ask yourself do you want to be a person who is always thinking down, the negative guy or the person who is thinking positive, the person who says “no problem” all is good!

We start to change our perspective by seeing the beauty in all things great and small, by having gratitude for the life we are given, we are truly lucky to live this life, practice daily affirmations, calm your mind, practice love for all, even those with different beliefs, remember no two birds are the same no two tree branches are the same. We must appreciate our differences and celebrate them. complaining makes you complacent, don’t make blanket statements, have an open mind. Have hope, smile at a stranger. Give someone a reason to be happy, make a difference, go that extra mile. Be thankful, practice JOY.

If you want to be great in this life, you have to model greatness in your thinking!

When you can open your eyes to the beauty in front of you and celebrate it. Only then you will be in the right mindset enact change in your life.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer


Traveling is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body & soul.

Think about a time you traveled to a place, a new country or even a new town near your home. Experiencing new cultures, foods & surroundings heightens you’re awareness, excites your senses and takes you out of your comfort zone and into a new and refreshing perspective. Travel will teach you to see the world, develop skills you never new you had, and give you a healthy dose about other cultures.

It is a proven fact that the health benefit of packing your bags and leaving your daily routine reduces stress increases your creativity and allows your body to reset itself.

The minute you arrive at a brand new destination, a place your mind and body has never experienced, sends an overwhelming child like awe, filling your soul with wonder and rejuvenating your energy! You are curious, ready to wander and explore, you are doing things you’ve never done before. You are learning, you have an intense heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for all around you, smells, taste & beauty!

During last few years I have had the opportunity to travel and experience some of the most beautiful places in the world, some now forever changed by a devastating Hurricane. So grateful for the friends and memories made. Never miss an opportunity to GO, to EXPLORE!

White beaches, rainforests, ruins, beautiful mountains, fascinating architecture, history of our country, tantalizing foods, interactions with locals, all leave memories etched in your mind.

All these new experiences will last a lifetime, and in a moments notice you can be transported back & relive your experience, sharing with others why maybe they should visit some of your favorite destinations!

“Wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow.”

So get ready pack your bags and plan that next vacation!!

Where will you go?


Grace. There are many definitions for this term.

I read a post this am from a cousin and it prompted me to address Grace, maybe someone else needs to read this. Her post..”Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.” #givegrace #godsplan #purpose #forgiveness Thank you Holly Closen.

What does grace me to you? How do you practice grace?

Having grace in your heart allows you to have relationship with people and their hearts, not their behavior. Grace means being kind, polite, gracious, a controlled pleasant way of behaving in all circumstances.

When we deal with people whether they are difficult or maybe we don’t share the same beliefs it’s always best to practice kindness, gentle words and a soft approach. Choosing to be hurtful, mean-spirited or saying things you know may hurt someone is easy at times, but being graceful and living with grace means you put grace before all other hurt emotions, because grace is much more important.

Everyone can reflect on a time or event in our lives, maybe a person, where we have been hurt, maybe even devastated, but forgiving and letting go of things not meant for us is having grace. No one is perfect, we all have short comings, moments of imperfections, we are human, but putting best intentions first with everyone in every circumstance is practicing GRACE!

Grace is doing what is right, not what is easy. Grace is unconditional LOVE. Grace is gratitude for our blessings, despite our circumstances. At the heart of GRACE is gratitude for all that is.

Today live with grace & feel a since of happiness, salvation & spiritual bliss.

Relax & Recharge

After a wonderful weekend of no specific plan, just enjoying time which was purely relaxing, a little trip to the garden center, replanting the front porch pots, (having your hands dirty in soil is so therapeutic) a bike ride, (fresh air in your face) dinner & conversation with old friends & a full Sunday of calm relaxation a little reading & just being, I feel recharged & ready for the week ahead!

We live in a go, go, go society and often fall into the trap of being constantly busy. We fill every hour with a task. How much can we fit in one day? Our fast paced world sends the message that being busy is something to be proud of, but ask yourself at the end of the day, “am I feeling drained” Always feeling worn-out or exhausted is very unhealthy, and can lead you to feel less productive and sadly unhappy.

Taking time to take care of your body makes it easier to recharge your mind, feel peaceful and more focused!

I’m the gal who has mad energy and find it difficult to just stop and relax, literally tuning out all busy thoughts is not easy for me, but I’m practicing downtime & listening inward to my body. Taking time to recharge!

Find a relaxation technique that resonates with you, a hot bath, a walk, a cozy corner. Then no devices just your mind & body still. Take is slow, nurture yourself, listen inward, if we do not listen to our bodies & take care of ourselves our bodies will speak up in other ways, illness, fatigue, injury, & stress! I can speak to this myself with a recent hospitalization. My body spoke loudly, I needed to make some conscious changes! If you are not well, you will not be available in body or spirit to those you love!

Lastly, know that downtime is not a sign of laziness or weakness, but a necessity. Make it a habit to take a few minutes for yourself each day. You will be surprised what you learn about yourself, getting to know yourself a little bit better allows your authentic self to speak, you will be mentally, physically & spiritually more prepared to help others, and most importantly you are valuing yourself & empowering yourself by practicing a little self-love!

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” Eleanor Brownn


Nothing compares to the time we spend with our loved ones. Especially for those of you who are grandparents, it’s truly a magical time we spend with our grand babies, our heart bursting with love, a patience that compares to none and an over whelming feeling of pure love and joy when they are in our arms! I must say I’m blessed to have my daughters and grands close by, and see them regularly. Seeing them and picking them up for activities makes my life fuller & happier. There is nothing quite like viewing the world through the eyes of a child and giving them your undivided attention!!

Being able to interact, play, cook, go to the park, visit their school, babysit if you will, maybe they babysit me…haha and just be together whether for thirty minutes or several hours brings so much joy to my life.

If your a grandparent what’s your favorite activity? How do you spend time with your littles? Taking a walk? Reading books?

As a young momma and now Nonni I can’t imagine anything in this world that could bring more joy to my world than these three amazing grandchildren, and my gals!

Ps…my arms and lap will be just a bit fuller this May when I welcome grand baby number four! I am ready and waiting to meet this little guy & love him to pieces and so are his cousins.❤️