Grace. There are many definitions for this term.

I read a post this am from a cousin and it prompted me to address Grace, maybe someone else needs to read this. Her post..”Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.” #givegrace #godsplan #purpose #forgiveness Thank you Holly Closen.

What does grace me to you? How do you practice grace?

Having grace in your heart allows you to have relationship with people and their hearts, not their behavior. Grace means being kind, polite, gracious, a controlled pleasant way of behaving in all circumstances.

When we deal with people whether they are difficult or maybe we don’t share the same beliefs it’s always best to practice kindness, gentle words and a soft approach. Choosing to be hurtful, mean-spirited or saying things you know may hurt someone is easy at times, but being graceful and living with grace means you put grace before all other hurt emotions, because grace is much more important.

Everyone can reflect on a time or event in our lives, maybe a person, where we have been hurt, maybe even devastated, but forgiving and letting go of things not meant for us is having grace. No one is perfect, we all have short comings, moments of imperfections, we are human, but putting best intentions first with everyone in every circumstance is practicing GRACE!

Grace is doing what is right, not what is easy. Grace is unconditional LOVE. Grace is gratitude for our blessings, despite our circumstances. At the heart of GRACE is gratitude for all that is.

Today live with grace & feel a since of happiness, salvation & spiritual bliss.

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