After finishing lunch today with my dear friend of many years and her daughter, I am reminded of just how important friendships are in life. I value and cherish the friendship I have made whether very old or new. Some friendships began in childhood, some through nursing, cancer diagnosis, kids or just life adventures, all a blessing. I want you all to know you add to my life in so many ways, friendships are the LOVE and JOY in the recipe of LIFE!

We all have a need for deep true friendships, bonding and acceptance. A place to be ourselves, to take off the mask (or game face) if you will and be raw and genuine. Loved and supported in happy times & held together in difficult sad times.

We as humans have many different love languages, and the reality is we cannot grow and invest in our friendships without investing our time. Investing your time whether lunch, dinner a phone call or text tells your friend you value them and they are important to you. You care how they are doing. You care about what’s happening in their lives. True friends love, listen, forgive, have fun, do not judge, they are available, honest flexible & positive! In order to have healthy vibrant friendships you much make a commitment to consistently invest your time.

As I left lunch today I thought to myself, I am beyond blessed by the many friendship I nourish & celebrate daily.

Friendships are one of the most important elements of your life. Besides supporting each other, friends make life richer, fuller and more rewarding.

“To have a friend, and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.” ~Unknown

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